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Used by Missionaries

To whom it may concern

My wife, Stacie, and I are missionaries to the Military. We had been looking for a lesson guide and or Bible study guide to use so that we can teach the troops the Bible. Brother Earley along with his wife, Kay are wonderful people and have the "Bible To You" Bible lessons that are so easy to understand.

I have been using them in a bible study for some time now. Through the use of theses lessons, the young troops seem to understand the Bible more easily. On occasion we have had troops come to know the Lord because of the Lessons. We have also had troops in Iraq use these lessons as well. We would send them there and the one we sent them to would use them as a Bible study there with other troops: they loved it!

I continue to use the Lessons to this day because they get to the basics of the Bible which is what I was looking for from the beginning.

In Christ

Kevin and Stacie Knight (Missionaries to Military)


Bro and Mrs. Earley

Your Bible studies have been a true blessing and help. There is such a need for good solid biblical discipleship materials. We at First Baptist Church of Killarney, Ireland are very thankful and grateful to the Earley's and the ministry help they provide to missionaries around the world. God bless you.

Brother Correa (Missionaries to Ireland)


We thank God for the Bible studies of"BTY" . It is so hard to find complete Bible studies that are from a historical Baptist faith, especially on Biblical preservation. We do not just use any Bible study. We want Bible studies created by those of like faith and practice. We are using them here in Australia. We highly reccomend these studies to you.

The Eckels Family (Church planters in Australia)


Used In Local Baptist Churches Teaching Ministries

As a Pastor of an Independent, fundamental, Baptist church, I am always looking for good material to present the wonderful truths of the the Word of God to my people. Bible to You was a very helpful set of lessons which I used as a discipleship class for my adult Sunday School. The people responded well to it and enjoyed the topical nature as well. The format was enjoyed as an interaction which helped them dig a little deeper in the Bible. I highly recommend this study.

Pastor Keith Troyer

Grace Baptist Church

Greenville, PA


Used in Jail Ministries

Dear Brother and Sister Earley,

I just want to drop you a note to thank you so very much for allowing us to refer inmates to you for further study in the Bible. It has been such a blessing to know there are other fundamental studies available for men and women who want to continue their spiritual growth. And then, to allow us to use your Spanish studies is even a bigger blessing as we have none we trust available to us.

Thank you for your dedication to the work of the Lord in these studies. May God richly bless you both for all you do for us and for the cause of Christ.

If there is any way we can be as big a blessing to you, just let us know how.

Love in Christ,---

Walt and Margret Shankle

Law and Grace Ministries

Belleville, IL

Faith Baptist Church

Pastor Scott Baker


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